Dementia Behavioral Care in Arizona

Personality Changes

Individuals experiencing dementia of all kinds can have trouble regulating emotions and sometimes show dramatic personality changes. For at-home caregivers and family members, the behaviors resulting from this inability to regulate emotions can make caring for a loved one very difficult. Such behaviors may include:

  • Aggressive outbursts
  • Confabulation (sharing false memories)
  • Day/night reversal
  • Exit-seeking episodes
  • Delusions or hallucinations
  • Displays of agitation & anger
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Inappropriate undressing
  • Personality changes
  • Phone calls to 911 or other businesses
  • Poor or excessive food intake
  • Refusing care or medications
  • Refusing to bathe
  • Repetitive questions
  • Shadowing (closely following another person)
  • Sleeplessness & sundowning (increased confusion at night)
  • Taking, collecting, hiding, or hoarding items
  • Wandering

Professional Help, Now

As a behavioral care provider, Park Senior Villas has developed a program, alongside dementia-certified specialists and clinical professionals, that provides a solution for families trying to manage dementia-related behavioral issues at home.

Our program includes a functional and cognitive assessment, comprehensive behavioral health care plan, medication management, family support, appropriate daily activities, as well as an engaging environment so each resident can live a comfortable, purposeful life.

An important tool in our dementia behavioral care programming is called Ella®. This HIPAA-compliant mobile app is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It provides caregiving staff guidance in choosing personalized, non-drug interventions for residents as needed. Ella offers recommendations based on the resident’s background, which family members provide through their responses to a comprehensive questionnaire. This resident-specific information is integrated with an extensive research database that is continuously updated as more feedback becomes available on which interventions work best in different situations.

Ella can remind caregivers about the best approaches when engaging with a resident, such as talking about a favorite experience to help them stay focused and calm. Ella can also detect patterns in a resident’s reactions to help guide future interventions. At Park Senior Villas, we see beyond the individual’s behaviors and symptoms, so the resident’s focus is on what they CAN do while preventing or helping mitigate behaviors before they arise.

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See the

  • Low resident-to-caregiver ratio
  • Onsite clinical staff
  • 24/7 professional caregiving services
  • Neighborhood with open courtyards
  • Chef-prepared meals*
  • Activities, entertainment, and daily socials
  • Full-service salon
  • Therapeutic resort-style spa*
  • Pet friendly
  • Accept AZ long-term care insurance for qualifying individuals
*Specific Locations Only

See the

  • 8:1 resident to caregiver ratio
  • 24/7 caregiving services
  • On-site Clinical Staff
  • Neighborhood style properties with open courtyards
  • Chef prepared meals*
  • Activities, entertainment, and daily socials
  • Therapeutic resort style spa*
  • Full service salon
  • Pets welcome
  • *Accept AZ long term care insurance for qualifying individuals
*Specific Locations Only