Why A Senior With Alzheimer’s Would Benefit From Our Community

Seniors with Alzheimer’s benefit from home-like settings.

At Park Senior Villas we understand the struggles and challenges families face every day when dealing with dementia, especially the Alzheimer’s disease. That is why we set out to create an environment that will allow our dementia residents to thrive each and every day.

We are unique in our set up because we offer a home-like environment. The villas at Park are very spacious with over 6500 sq. ft. and 10 bedrooms each; designed intentionally so there are no elevators or long hallways to cause confusion. Our homes are built in close proximity to one another, which allows our residents to feel apart of a loving and caring community.

Those who suffer from this disease experience poor eyesight, confusion, loss of memory, or just completely withdraw from social activities. Just like creating the right environment for seniors with Alzheimer’s, it is also key to keep them involved in social activities. Individual rooms open out to the great room so it is easy for residents to be a part of the daily social interaction by just stepping out of their room.

The Importance Of Social Interaction

Alzheimer’s residents have been known to thrive from social interaction because it enhances neurogenesis and cognitive functions. In other words, keeping the brain frequently active helps reduce the risk of mental rundown and delay. Just like physically exercising to keep a body feeling young, the mind works the same way. In addition to boosting mental health, promoting physical health is important too. Studies show physical exercise being therapeutic for seniors, and the beautiful walking paths around our community gives them a secure and safe place to stay active.

Park Senior Villas offers a robust calendar of activities. Our signature events are filled with opportunities for residents to engage and socialize. Live entertainment, music therapy, intergenerational activities, and pet therapy visits are a few activities designed to enrich the lives of all our seniors; especially those who battle Alzheimer’s.

Rest Assured!

Assisted living communities with a home-like setting bridges the gap between living independently and living in a long-term nursing home. Families can rest easy knowing their loved ones are living each day to their highest level of independence, while living in a safe and enriching environment. Come and see why Park Senior Villas is the right choice for those living with Alzheimer’s.