The Advantages of a Personalized Care Home Model in Assisted Living

When you think of assisted living, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Often it is a large, multilevel building that looks like an apartment complex. Park Senior Living offers residents another option… a true community based on a small home, personalized care model.

What is the Personalized Care Home Model in Assisted Living?


The personalized care home model is based on meeting the unique needs of every individual resident. The small-house style layout provides a more intimate and home-like setting that truly enhances the opportunity for person-centered care. Everything is under one roof and right-sized to the needs and desires of each resident.

Benefits of the Personalized Care Home Model

This model comes with many benefits. Most importantly, it looks and feels like home. Each small home is a community of its own, reflecting the individuals who live there. The home-like setting allows for the delivery of care to be personalized, truly one-on-one. Residents feel a sense of family. Since the personalized care home model is able to evolve with the needs of its residents, it also gives them the opportunity to age in place as they progress. The focus of this model is to enrich quality of life and provide individualized hands on care tailored to each person. It is the right care, at the right place, offering the right choice.

Another important benefit is that residents can have their own private room and space, but still experience that “community feel” and social interaction. Park Senior Living team members are consistently assigned to one home and trained to address the full range of care needs of the residents they come to know so well. Family involvement is encouraged in the personalized care home model, and the intimate setting of a small home makes it both comfortable and pleasant for all.

With the rise of COVID-19 cases in senior living communities, the smaller assisted living setting also allows for enhanced infection controls and isolation when needed. This is essential in reducing the transmission of the virus. The health, safety and well-being of residents is absolutely the top priority of Park Senior Living.