Seniors with Alzheimer's

Why A Senior With Alzheimer’s Would Benefit From Our Community

Seniors with Alzheimer’s benefit from home-like settings. At Park Senior Villas we understand the struggles and challenges families face every day when dealing with dementia, especially the Alzheimer’s disease. That is why we set out to create an environment that will allow our dementia residents to thrive each and every

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Chandler, PSV Senior Fall and Safety Awareness

Senior Fall and Safety Awareness

A Simple Thing Can Change Your Life… A simple thing can change your life—like tripping on a rug or slipping on a wet floor. If you fall, you could break a bone, like thousands of older men and women do each year. A broken bone might not sound awful, but,

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Memory Care

Assisted Living Week

PARK Senior Villas has a full week of fun activities and events planned to express our gratitude to our caregivers that consistently go above and beyond the call of duty. Not only do they keep our residents safe and healthy, but they keep them entertained and engaged. If YOU would like to show your support and appreciation for those caring for our most vulnerable individuals, please consider a donation to our Essential Caregiver Care Package! We are creating baskets full of small tokens of appreciation for every one of our Essential Caregivers.

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act of kindness

How Can You Show An Act of Kindness?

Our Arizona assisted living company, Park Senior Villas, is an Assisted Living and Memory Care facility that has the most amazing team that show up every day and serve our wonderful residents. We want to give them some encouraging support and continued motivation for all their hard work and commitment

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dementia vs alzheimers

Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s

There are many differences between dementia vs. Alzheimer’s. Surprisingly, many people believe these two diseases are the same thing. It is true that several symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s coincide, but understanding the main differences helps when establishing the right care, treatment and management for you or your loved ones.

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Park Senior Villas Premier Check In

PARK Premier Check In

Park Senior Villas is here for the community.  We are still taking new admissions and to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents, we have implemented a new admission program Park Premier Check In. This program, amidst the concerns with the Coronavirus, will help those actively looking for an assisted

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