How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

How much does assisted living cost is a common and important question we hear frequently. At Park Senior Villas, our goal is to help our residents and their families understand this completely, since searching for the perfect senior living option is a big decision. Wrapping your head around multiple contracts, services, fees, and amenities is a huge undertaking but worth the time and research to find the best senior care facility.

The cost of assisted living can seem like a loaded topic, as there are many variables that make up the total investment. Simply put, assisted living costs vary based on several factors including the community, the size of the room, the number of services needed, what type of amenities are offered and what state you are interested in living. Additionally, it is important to take into account the costs residents and families can avoid when deciding which senior care facility is the best choice.

Understanding the Average Cost of an Assisted Living Community

Size of the Room

Depending on the senior living community, different types of living options will be available. There are larger rooms, smaller rooms and rooms with more seating arrangements. All of which will alter the assisted living cost.

Location of Senior Living Facility

What's the geographic location of the facility? Some markets are more expensive than others, which means the cost of assisted living could significantly increase.

Services Needed

Assisted Living, Memory Care, Respite Care, or Behavioral Care? What type of senior living service and care is needed? Depending on the level of care that is required will change the senior living price.

Additional Costs

What type of amenities are included at the senior care community? Do they offer activities like socialization, intellectual stimulation, physical activities, philanthropic opportunities, and spiritual wellness? These types of things should be included to help residents maintain a level of independence for as long as possible.

The Value of a Senior Living Facility

The importance and value of the right senior living facility is priceless. When considering all that is included within the monthly fee, it’s clear that the services provided are more than worth it. By bundling costs and removing the need to pay rent or a mortgage in addition to care, we are able to offer the most valuable option in assisted living. Here are Park Senior Villas, we take pride in all that is included in our assisted living cost as we believe in making our community feel like home

Our senior care community provides a unique approach to senior living. The monthly assisted living price includes the following:

How to Pay for Assisted Living

Finding ways to pay for assisted living can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  However, there are numerous ways to gather the funds. As this process will vary per family, we’ve seen first hand the many ways finding money to pay for senior living can be accomplished.

This can include utilizing savings or personal income, long-term care insurance, VA benefits, home equity,  or even asking for family support and help. Of course, these are not the only options when paying for senior care. At Park Senior Villas, we can help you find the best approach and plan when moving into senior living.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

As you can see, understanding the cost of assisted living includes many variables. When costs are bundled, assisted living becomes more affordable than hiring a private caregiver on top housing and food costs. The best way to know how much an assisted living facility charges is to fill out a form on their site or call to speak with someone. Here at Park Senior Villas, we provide free tours of each facility and walk you through the entire process. Additionally, we break down the cost of senior living to provide you and your family with a stress-free process along the way. 

Ready to make the move to Park Senior Villas? We are here to help provide ease and comfort during this time. Whether it be for you or your loved ones, understanding the assisted living cost shouldn’t be a burden. We understand that cost and affordability are a large concern and deciding factor for families in need of 24 hour care, which is why Park Senior Villas uses a compassionate approach when providing services and pricing. Take a look at the many assisted living services we offer as well as each of our Arizona senior living locations. We look forward to hearing from you!