Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

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With so many differences between assisted living homes vs. nursing homes, it’s important to address the main senior living care levels offered at each. Many people believe that nursing homes and assisted living facilities are the same thing, however, there is no universal type of senior living home. Senior living communities come in many different shapes, sizes, and approaches.

That being said, as a senior living community who focuses on a personalized care home model, this comparison is extremely important for us to address. Let’s go ahead and dive into the major differences between nursing homes and assisted living.

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

From a high-level, assisted living communities are ideal for older adults who don’t need 24/7 assistance and are still slightly independent. Nursing homes are typically for seniors who need 24-hour medical supervision due to physical or mental conditions that leave them unable to care for themselves.

What Is Assisted Living?

As mentioned above, assisted living is for those who are independent but still need a little extra help from time to time. Seniors in assisted living want to maintain their social and active lifestyle but are no longer capable of being alone. 

A few of the great benefits of living at an assisted living community vs. a nursing home is that they usually offer diverse amenities. A few of those could include delicious and cozy dining options, activities for social and physical interaction, and numerous programs like music therapy! 

More specifically, here at PARK Senior Villas, we offer the personalized care home model which meets the unique needs of every individual resident. The small-house style layout we offer provides a more intimate and home-like setting that truly enhances the opportunity for person-centered care. Everything is under one roof and right-sized to the needs and desires of each resident.

Unlike other assisted living communities, we take it one step further by providing quality care in a quality and home-like setting.

What Are Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes or nursing facilities are elderly care homes that provide a much deeper level of care. Also called convalescent homes, this type of senior living are for seniors who require 24-hour monitoring and medical help. The primary goal of a nursing home is to ensure the safety and comfort of older adults who need round-the-clock care. 

What Senior Care community Is the right choice?

Deciding what the best option is for you or a loved one when it comes to nursing homes or assisted living facilities can be challenging. However, our team of experts are here to help with this process. Give us a call at (602) 354 8100 to discuss options and what will be the right choice.